EGR valve/Intake Manifold Price

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Jun 7, 2009
I just bought a new to me 2003 Jetta TDI. I am going to purchase a used egr valve and intake manifold to replace the dirty ones already on the car (will clean up the dirty parts and resell). Right now I see a manifold on eBay for $80 and an EGR valve for $100. I honestly have no idea how much these parts should cost. Would appreciate any and all input.
You really wanna clean up such parts to find out no one will buy them from you?
If you must, take the intake manifold to the scrap metal yard and get your $3.
Don't know pricing but cleanup is easy.

Burn it with fire!
I am having a garage do the work for me. I want them to have the parts on hand ready to install to minimize down time.
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Why not clean and reuse yours?

In the interest of saving time, he probably wants to have a clean intake manifold ready to go and then all he'd have to do is swap it out.
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A bit off topic but I have never seen intakes with so much crud in them before. Is this normal for some cars these days or just VWs in particular?

It happens to Ford Powerstroke engines that have to idle for extended periods of time. I worked with a guy that serviced several ambulances, and it became a huge problem. I think he was dealing with the 7.3 PSD.

The problem is that when the EGR valve is open, sooty exhaust gasses have to go through the intake manifold.

Newer DPF and SCR engines may be less likely to have this problem, due to the fact that gasses can be taken downstream of the DPF, and SCR reduces the amount of EGR opening in order to limit NOx. It still happens in some situations, here is an example:

The VW that the OP has was built before the use of a DPF.
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