echo saw wont start.

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
i used my echo cs370 about 8 weeks ago.i burned up the chain on a juniper so i drained the tank and ran it out of gas.put a chain on it tonight and it wont start. it will sputter and run 2-3 seconds if i pour gas into the throat of the carb. i use truefuel in it so no alcohol in the gas. repaced the spark plug with no difference
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howd it plug up in a few weeks?
My guess had debris in the gas tank floating around. And when you ran it got sucked into the carb. Now it's plugged up.
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did you dope the gasoline with stabiliser? Q.
yes and its supposed to already have some in the pre mixed cans.there is a filter on the end of the fuel line in the tank and i dont see how anything could get through it.
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Did the fuel line inside the tank break off at the grommet? That was my last 2 stroke failure.
That's my guess too.
For some reason I was thinking Toyota Echo. I was trying to figure out what you were talking about haha!
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