Durable protection? 3M Performance Finish?

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Aug 11, 2005
I'm looking for a product that can provide a good shine and durable protection for 6+ months. I've used Zaino in the past but it's hard to get and relatively expensive. Furthermore, I don't show my cars; I just need something with a reasonably good sheen that offers good protection more than anything else. I recently came across 3M Performance Finish which appears to fit the bill, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with it or can recommend something else that would hold up well to the elements for at least 6 months between applications.
Never used 3M before. There are rumors that Zaino is just a rebadged Duragloss. Duragloss is available at Napa and online. It will last more than six months, is inexpensive, doesn't stain trim like NuFinish, and is the talk at auto detailing forums.
Duragloss is very good product, really hard to go wrong with sealant for durability. Have heard good reviews for 3m.
Absolutely do not use Nufinish. It smells like paint thinner. It was formulated a long time ago. I would look at adam's polish and cleaners. they are based in boulder colorado. i met adam the owner. real nice guy and very informative.
3M Performance Finish is a very good sealant and will last up to 6 months. The look is warm like a carnauba. 3M says it is a wipe on wipe off product, no need to let it haze. There is nothing wrong with NuFinish. Smell does not determine how well a product works. It's extremely durable but the look is just okay.
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