Do you use a magnetic drain plug?

Thanks for the list of plugs. Just bought 2 Votex plugs. One for the engine and the other for the manual transmission (I think they’re the same size, or I’ll have an extra)
Most of the older Hyunkia manual transmissions were 18mm like Toyota. The engine drain plugs were usually 14mm... like my Ford, Mazda, VW... So, you need to research your specific year/make/model/engine/transmission for more info.

Here are the common brand websites: found on Amazon oil-tite/dorman/autograde at various autopart stores

Nothing wrong with OE magnetic plugs. Hondacura/Toyotus/Hyunkia/Ford/others have various sized OE drain plugs with magnets.

And, I tend to avoid the aluminum threaded ones which strip easily. So, skip the fancy anodized plugs unless OE is aluminum.

There are a couple sellers that even offer plastic drain plugs, with magnets, for vehicles from VW Ford...
Porsche 911's have mag drain plugs on the crank drain plug, oil tank plug (if i't a dry sump model), and the transmission drain plug.
Some (millions?) of ferrous particles zip probably past the magnet without getting captured but get magnetized. And some will likely get past the filter. Where will they attach themselves? :ROFLMAO:
A magnet can be demagnetized by:
Among the credentials I have to keep me gainfully employed, I am Certified in Magnetic Particle Inspection NDT.
The result within the heat of the engine is that the "magnetized particles" will become demagnetized and continue to circulate, including passing by the magnet again where they may be captured. I run magnetic drain plugs on every vehicle under my care, and Filtermags where possible. I can post photos of filters cut open after running Filtermags. My pictures and personal use look like the photos on their website. Will they make the engine/car last longer? I can offer no empirical proof that they do, partially because the Little Old Lady From Pasadina IS OUT THERE, and no one is promised that they won't get T-boned tomorrow; lots of cars go to the graveyard with perfectly good engines.
But we're on BITOG, and there's lots of us OCD who use I sleep better knowing I'm doing my best to take care of cars for my wife and daughter.
I make my own. Samarium cobalt. I need to make one for my ram.
I though i would show the one i just made. This will go in the mazda later, another one for the ram.

I've had one in the elantra for several years.

Dorman drain plug, samarium cobalt 1/4 x 1 inch cylinder magnets.

I drill an 11/64 hole, then a 1/4 inch.
Clean the bolt and magnet with carb spray.

If it's tight I freeze the magnet, then use JB weld epoxy.

@BlueOvalFitter , hows the one i made you a few years ago working out?

You asked me to show how i made them, and i just got around to making another.
What's interesting is that in the engine, several engines in my case, even with excellent filters, the plug still collects that fine magnetic paste. Not much of it, but it clearly wasn't caught by the filter.

So, does collecting it make a difference? No actual idea. But pretty sure it doesn't hurt, either.
Thats my thought. May collect particles too small to be filtered. Do those matter? I don't know, but can't be bad to remove them.
I ran a magnetic drain plug for a few years and every oil service I saw a very small ball of black goop on the magnet, made of tiny ferrous wear particles which is normal. When I started running rare earth magnets on the outside of my spin-on oil filter canisters, the magnetic drain plug immediately stopped collecting black goop, I mean there is none at all. This is an obvious and direct correlation. I still run the magnetic drain plug just because I bought it LOL.