Diesel Fuel Additives?

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Dec 30, 2005
Shreveport, Louisiana
I'm new to the diesel pick-up world. I'm wondering if there is anything to the diesel fuel additives such as Power Service Dieasel Kleen or Red Line RL-2.

The '07 F250 I recently bought seems to be too cold natured. That is to say that it doesn't seem to run well until it is good-n-warmed-up. This warm-up takes between 5 and 10 minutes and it's the middle of summer in Louisiana. If this continues, I'm not looking forward to winter, it may never warm up.

Perhaps could my injectors be dirty? I don't know much about this engine, could you point me in the right direction. Thanks
Don't a lot of ford diesels have issues?

The best additive, IMO was the old shell rotella DFA. Hasn't been available in years though...

Power service, redline and two-stroke TCW-3 oils work. I've not tried, but I assume that MMO would work well too.

THere is a diesel-spec FP product too.

Id try them all as you can. You may find some are better than others for your engine.
Shaeffers has Neutra #131; appears to clean injectors.

edit; Apparently there is Soyshield and Neutra Plus for diesel; I would PM member salesrep to see what he would recommend.
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I've never seen any reason to use diesel additives in any modern diesl except to prevent gelling when it gets REALLY cold. This new ultra-low-sulfur diesel seems quite solvent (so much so that it caused quite a few problems in older diesel equipment when it first came out- particularly with the shaft seals in Stanadyne injection pumps and the like)- I really don't think buildup/varnish is an issue. I take apart diesel fuel systems all the time, and the ONLY time I ever see nasty deposits is in cases of obvious contamination (like antifreeze- due to a failed injector tube) or from biodiesel (leaves a pink 'varnish').

Now, the old Cummins PT systems (we're talking big old industrial engines... not Dodge pickups) DID tend to carbon up the injectors internally- resulting in low power & smoking- but they didn't have a 'poppet' valve like all modern injectors these days have (this seals the tip any time fuel is not being injected, hence no carbon).
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