Dewalt to Milwaukee?

Dunno about the other brands, but Makita always has a set of deals of some kind where you get a free tool with the purchase of a kit, or a couple extra batteries, etc. I've gotten a "free" ratchet and some batteries from these deals. They change every month or so. Definitely worth checking out if you need several tools and aren't on a time crunch.

In response to the laughing comment above, I already have 5 ah batteries for the Dewalt platform.
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Another update. I bought the Dewalt XR bandsaw.

Having used both so far, the Dewalt saw is definitely faster than the Milwaukee. I’m not sure what’s lighter.

I like how compact the Milwaukee equivalent of my drill is. That’s a huge plus. Mine has the removable side handle though whereas I don’t think the Mil does so perhaps there’s the reason.

Impacts I’m indifferent on. They both behave the same.
My little drill wasn’t cutting it so I went ahead and bought a Dewalt hammer drill combo yesterday. I guess I’m stuck.
IMO DeWalt drills are the best. Especially the ones with a real metal chuck -the ones with German on them.
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I chose Milwaukee over DeWalt because Milwaukee makes a M12 and M18 ProPex Pipe expander, something Dewalt doesn't offer. I went all Milwaukee after buying the Propex tool and have been extremely happy with Milwaukee and sticking with one brand and one charger.
I’m starting a new job next week that requires me to provide my own power tools. I have Dewalt at home and used them at my last job without any complaints.

To be more effective at my new job, I somewhat need a new drill as mine at home is the pre XR brushless non hammer drill model. 10 years old I’m guessing. I would like one with the hammer feature. I also need something for cutting conduit. I have a sawzaw, but can’t cut straight worth a hoot so I’d like to get a one cutting handed tool. Plus safety wise, I think you can get in trouble using a 2 handed tool with only 1 hand.

Do I switch or keep with Dewalt?

I will say, this from Milwaukee is awesome. AFAIK, Dewalt doesn’t make one.
I have a ton of Dewalt and Milwaukee latest brushless tools, both brands are good. I buy whenever I see a good sale, you can't go wrong with either.
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