Detail Steps?

Hey all,

There are so many products out there these days and to be honest, I'm not that well versed in truly detailing cars. I need your input. I just recently purchased the Genesis in my sig and want to keep it looking good. I'm just not sure which products and in which steps. I am good with really putting in some work. The Florida sun worries me as well. Need stop UV damage.

Here was my plan:

#1 Wash: Just any old car wash soap. Something like this I guess:

#2 Clay: Just some clay bars off Amazon and some quick detailing spray for lubrication. Clay all surfaces including windows and head/tail lights.

#3 Protect: Turtle Wax Hybrid on paint, windows, head/tail lights.,aps,287&sr=8-5

#4 Wax w/ oribital using: Collinite 476S Super Double Auto Wax

#5 Clay wheels and use Turtle Wax Ceramic to protect.
North Carolina
Not a pro here but my process is

1. Wash, 2 bucket method.
2. Clean all sap off with acetone ( lot of trees for me)
3.Polish with mequires ultimate polish. Then i wipe it off with a soaking wet cotton cloth.
4. Wash again.
5. Tape off trim and coat with Klasse sealant Glaze repeat in a few hours.
6. Next day, wax with Collinite 476.( this is my first time using collinite over sealant, but so far so good.
North TX
I agree with rooflessVW. Use a car wash product only without polymers or wax in it. After claying wash the car, your spray detailer may contaminate the surface. Use either the T Wax ceramic or the Coillinite not both. Starting with the wash you want the cleanest surface possible for the next product to adhere to and remain durable. By piling the waxes, polymers, unknowns, ceramics, carnaubas all on top of each other durability is stopped cold. Not to mention wasted time, money, and effort.
Just stick with the Collinite. That's a good sealant.

No reason to clay wheels. If they have a ton of contamination, use an acid-based wheel cleaner or an iron dissolving one (e.g. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus).