Cub Cadet HDS 2164

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May 26, 2007
West Michigan
Gentlemen, yet again I solicit your opinion. Am looking at this particular model and I really don't know much about the MTD built Cubs. I understand it has a 16 hp twin (briggs vanguard?), 42" deck with bagger. I'm thinking this would be considered a lawn tractor and not a garden tractor? Can a snow plow be installed? What do you guys think of this machine?
Well i`v got a snow plow on my LT 1046. Works very well. Not a tank like an old Wheel Horse, wish it was. but it does pretty good.
Yep, you can plow or throw snow with it. The 2164 has the same heavy-duty shaft driven transaxle as the 2500 series "garden tractors" of the day. It just has smaller front and rear tires/wheels. That trans holds ~6qts of 15w40 and has a large spin-on filter. The 42" twin blade deck requires the smaller front tires due to the way the deck angles towards the front left for the blade offset. Great machine. The 42" makes a decent bagger, but due to it's shallow design, can clump and bog-down when cutting grass that's too high for it. Joel
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JTK, are you sure this model has a hydro filter??
If it's an HDS 2164, it's got a hydraulic filter on the trans. The trans/diff holds ~6qts of oil. The differential housing is the oil sump. An AGS or "Auto Gear System" will not have a filter. Those are a heavy-duty wet clutch gear drive. Joel
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