CSF radiators?

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Oct 3, 2008
I need a new radiator for my Mitsubishi (copper core), and have been looking at some aftermarket alternatives to OE - mainly Nissens. Unfortunately, the Nissens does not come with a transmission oil cooler and is meant for manual applications, so that takes that off the list. There's barely any space in the front for an air-to-oil cooler, otherwise I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Before buying an OE unit, I had a last look online for higher end radiators and came across the CSF 2142. Does anyone have any experience with CSF radiators? Thanks!
CSF is one of the better PLASTIC tank ones.the plastic tank rads are very good.the copper ones are very thin and usually leak in a year or less.

I won't sell the copper ones due to the amount that comeback under warranty.
I second Chris , the plastic ones are high quality . The copper rads on the other hand , well ive had to warranty my fair share of them . Stick with a Aluminum/plastic end tank rad.
When I changed the radiator (cracked tank) on a Camry with 200K on it the CSF I got from Amazon for about 80 bucks was the EXACT part I took out of the car, which I have owned from new.
So, they'll go 200 anyway.
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Thanks for all the input. Ended up getting a Mitsubishi OE unit. Not sure who makes it, but I got 15 trouble-free years and 250,000 miles out of my current one, so I'm not all that bothered about the $600 price tag.
Aluminum rads cool better pound for pound than a copper rad. I ended up replacing my OE copper rad (leaking) for a spectra brand rad which is made in Canada. I see the copper rads for sale on ebay but they cost more and offer less of a warranty than I got from Amazon.

Copper rads offer the advantage that they can be boiled out (good luck finding a shop that still does that, lol) and they can be patched up. The major disadvantage of a copper rad is that they need more rows to equal the cooling of a aluminum rad and they also corrode.
People fret over the plastic tank part, but if you think about it, there's lots of plastic under the hoods of our cars that hold up just fine.

There are ALL aluminum rads out there (Griffin, for one), but they are NOT cheap and Ive read mixed reviews about bad welds on some of the cheaper ones.

It's all about what you use the car for. You DON'T need an all out performance rad if you are the average guy doing average things. If you are racing your car, then I get spending more..... but otherwise, don't waste your $$$$
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