Crank no start, P0011 - L92 6.2

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Was getting some food when I heard an LS motor trying to start, decided to help the owner with their 2007 6.2 Yukon.

Verified fuel pressure at the rail, starter sounded normal speed for what’s that worth, only code logged was a P0011. Wasn’t equipped for any further diagnostics so told the owner to call his tow guy.

Walked back to my car and then heard cranking, somehow it started back up after about 15 seconds.

I don’t have the owner’s number and won’t be seeing this truck again. If I did I’d suspect a crank pos sensor, verify injectors firing, spark and work my way down from there.

I’d still like to know info info/shortcuts on how the 6.2’s VVT system works and why a generic over advance code was logged/could something in the system prevent a start?
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Fort Worth, Texas
The engine has to be running for a P0011 to set, So it was likely a history/memory code. The common issues that cause P0011 are....
*Low oil pressure
*Sticky/Stuck Cam Position Actuator
*#1 & #2 Cam Bearings worn out.....Also causes low hot oil pressure.

You pretty much have the basics down for checking a no start, On these.....If you have a RPM signal during cranking, The CKP sensor is working.