cord or cordless for a little used tool

Jul 14, 2020
had a clog and borrowed one of these to clear it. thing worked like a champ . i want to get something like this , but not sure to get corded or cordless. i might use this tool once every 3-5 years and the battery in a cordless concerns me. not sure now long they will last unused for long periods . being cordless it was really easy to use today .

so cord or cordless for a little used tool?

Neither. Get the cheap $25 crank type auger (Home Depot or Harbor Freight) and spend the saved cash on a cordless drill that can attach to it.

Corded or the one that goes in a drill. Battery is for convenience, its more convenient to plug it in than wait 2 hours for a battery to charge or worse find out it wont charge and have to spent $50 on a new battery to use it.
Corded. I've had lots of bad experiences with cordless tools and bad batteries, even in normal use. All my power tools are corded now. My electric chain saw is also corded. Eventually I plan to buy an electric weed whacker, and it will be corded.
When I was a working man, we just were in the transition to cordless tools. After years of dragging extension cords around, I thought it was great. Now that I hardly touch anything but wrench's, My batteries have all bit the dust. I just replaced the two batteries I needed for my weed wacker. The cost for the batteries cost more then I paid for the wacker and the two batteries it came with. So I have an electric drill for the once in a while need, and a cheap battery one my wife got me for Christmas. At this point in my life I'm going with corded.,,,
I'd definitely go with the drill model.

if you think you would use it enough I'd go cordless but only if you had other tools..
example A milwaukee m12 model auger , and you already have a bunch of m12 tools and batteries might be a decent idea.
For certain jobs, like real plumbing, I have a retired plumber friend who is super busy. There is a reason for it.

He has at least 2 augers; more importantly he knows what he is doing. Mr. Lopez rocks!
Corded for sure in this case.

Cordless has its place (in many places), but it’s not here. Pipe clearing should be around plenty of receptacles.
This Ridgid powerspin plus is really nice.
You squeeze two pieces of the feed handle closed and it pushes the snake forward as it spins (but it advances slowly, so better to be used with a drill. But you can try just with the hand crank.) One hand stays on handle, other hand stays on crank (or drill).

I had a few before this and they were a real pain to try to use with an add-on drill. You have to keep switching hands around in order to pull more snake out, then back to turning and getting it down the drain, then back again to pull out more snake.