Coolant for civic?

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Dec 2, 2011
Hello and in my 03' civic, and my g.f. 98' civic, what coolant should I use? I can get the HONDA premixed coolant reasonably, just wondering if I could use the ZEREX ASIAN coolant or... thank you in advance for the info and advice
I used Peak Global Lifetime in my Honda's for a long time and had zero issues. I had a 2001 Civic and have a 2005 CR-V and used that in both. Civic, 227k miles. CR-V, 131k and counting rapidly but no issues.
Don't know what you're planning on doing, radiator drain and fill of try a total flush. Type2 and Zerex Asian are both premix, so if price is close I'd go Type2. Otherwise go least expensive. Planning on doing distilled flush, a full strength AF works much better. Choices, Motorcraft Specialty Green (from Ford) or Beck Arnley, whichever costs less. But, as mentioned above, full strength Peak Global Lifetime from Napa is a good alternative to all of the above. Add distilled water to get correct AF concentration.
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Hello and in my 03' civic, and my g.f. 98' civic, what coolant should I use? I can get the HONDA premixed coolant reasonably, just wondering if I could use the ZEREX ASIAN coolant or... thank you in advance for the info and advice
Both coolants are of similar chemistry, so go with the cheaper option. I have also used Peak Global Lifetime with great sucess; however, you would need to do a full drain and flush for optimum results since the chemistry is slightly different, but compatible.
I have a recently purchased 04 civic ex that I was changing all of the fluids on. The car had unknown green coolant in it that looked clean, I drained it and did a few fill/drain cycles with tap water, then drained and filled with Prestone concentrate and distilled water. From now on I will drain and fill from the radiator with whatever greenish "all makes all models" coolant is the cheapest. Prestone has a $7 rebate that makes it cheaper than supertech right now.
@JamesBond - That's a pretty good deal! @Everyone else - Prestone AMAM and the blue bottle Super Tech are made by Honeywell.
Well folks, I got about 6 gallons of the GENUINE HONDA coolant for $60 from my friend at the dealership. Pulled the block drain and drained the rad and flushed and back flushed the system with a home made flusher. The old coolant was kinda a blue/blue'ish color and not real clean looking. Replaced the t-stat and both upper and lower rad hoses and the heater core hoses, and flushed this also. Burped the system with my friend above mentioned's help and now the heat is almost too hot to touch. I had great heat before, so couldnt complain. Glad I flushed out the old coolant and the system. I am happy. Doing the g.f.'s civic next weekend also. My block drain came out easily as I put some PB BLASTER on it before I broke the plug free, cleaned the threads also and re-installed when done.
Yeah, trying to get my co worker to totally flush out his cooling system, as he has a 97' I believe civic DX 2dr. He has had his car since 02' and I think he said he drained and refilled the rad, bout all. He stopped by and I showed him my old coolant; and I told him this is why you flush out old coolant. I didnt even test the old coolant I took out, wish I would have, already gave it to our coolant recycler at work. adam
I have a brita water pitcher, so I put it thru that so yeah I used distilled. Read tap water especially in my area is kinda bad (READ: HARD WATER). I use brita pitchers a lot, as I noticed that my city water after thru a brita to do hard boiled eggs boils quicker and leaves no scum on the pan adam
That will not create distilled water. Tap water has lots of minerals and chemicals in it that cooling systems do not like. It is OK to back flush with it, but you want to flush out the tap water a few times using distilled water by filling, running, and draining the cooling system a few times then add concentrated coolant so it mixes with the remaining distilled water in the cooling system.
The water I used was distilled water, but I questioned how "distilled/good" it was so I ran it thru the brita. Is POLAR water we have in the jugs at my work distilled? I can get a jug of that cheap. thanks in advance Coolant_Man adam v
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Is POLAR water we have in the jugs at my work distilled?
I can't say for sure about the Polar brand you have at your work. However, the Polar jugs of water at my local retailer are distilled water, and labeled as such.
Fairly certain Brita water is not distilled water. As Type2 is premix, getting the majority of whatever the 'flush water' out is important. I'd add one suggestion to finish the job, check the Type2 AF concentration using an inexpensive hydrometer like the Chaslyn AF tester <$2. AF test strips will work too, but having used the former, it works fine. That way you know if the protection is at the appropriate level. As Type2 is a premix, this is the only way to know the coolant concentration. But, 6 gallons of Type 2 for $60 is an incredible deal. Based on current dealer price, it's ~50% off.
Thanks to all of you folks and I will check out the clear jugs of POLAR water we get at my work. The two office girls drink tea and we use it for our BUNN coffee dual pot(2 pots) maker, coffee tastes great. I will look, and forgot to check at wal mart honestly last time I was there, will check into that. Yeah, sayjac the genuine honda premixed coolant was a great deal, as my work gives that dealership plenty of work and I did some refrigeration work for the service manager there last spring. Good to have friends adam
Alright stop! Pre-mixed. That is going to be a pain to use. If you plan on flushing your cooling system which it sounds like you should do, you will more than likely not get all the water out. So that 50:50 pre-mixed will possibly go as low as 30:70 coolant to distilled water. THAT IS BAD!!! I'd return that pre-mixed [censored] and get either concentrated Prestone AMAM or blue bottle Super Tech.
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