Coolant cap failure

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Dec 16, 2011
War Eagle
My 94 Jeep has been leaking or burning coolant for the past month or so. I have been adding coolant/water mix and it has used 2 gallons in the past month I have looked in the engine compartment at least 6 times the past month and never saw any coolant spraying or leaking Today was a nice day here in the south and I looked again. The reservoir was empty and radiator down 8=10 ounces Put the cap back on and looked as it warmed up to operating temp and voila, coolant leaking from around the radiator cap Dang. Never saw that before today. Went to auto parts store and bought new cap and put it on and cranked Jeep. Seemed to be not leaking. I have had many parts fail but never a radiator cap Hopefully this solves the mystery. Will let you know if it does not. Cheers
What brand was it? On my XJ I had a Motorad one fail after like 6 months, then bought a Napa one (realized it was a Motorad too) and it's been on there for about a month. I'll get around to getting an OEM one someday.
I got a radiator cap last summer for my Cherokee from O'Reillys. It was the cheapest made thing you ever saw, like it was formed out of an aluminum can. I recently replaced it again with one from the dealer.
Had a radiator cap fail on my Rav4. Was ready to tell my wife it was a head gasket and play taps. $8 later and it is running great.
The worst caps I've seen were Gates. Flimsy and had 2 leak. Motorad actually supplies some OEM applications and are not bad in most applications. Stant is not what they used to be but still make a decent aftermarket option. I use OEM mostly so I assured the correct spec and not some "window" that fits more than one application.
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