Confused about coolant

As i have most of the cooling system apart at the moment for various reason, i'll just do the citric acid flush and start fresh with G13 and report if something happens, maybe we'll have to wait another 30 years!
Found some MB325.0 concentrate at the local tractor supply store! The price was good, i bought what was left on the shelf. I'm tempted to just use tap water this time as i have three cars to do, at least for the initial flushes.
G-48 and G-05 are interchangeable. G-48 has that 2-EHA.

AFAIK, MBs much older we’re specified with Glysantin G-05, I’d run that. While I do run coolants with 2-EHA (Dex in my Chevy truck, G-48 in my bmw), I’m not a fan of putting it elsewhere.

I do still run G-05 in my CI MB diesels. In my OM60x MB diesels I’m taking them all to JD Cool Gard II, primarily because the mixed metal engines tend to consume HGs, and Jd seems the best for mixed metal engines.

Ive also taken my Cummins diesels over to that product as well.

So another option if you can find it.

But otherwise I’d be patient and find g-05.