Compound Bows to become "prohibited weapons" in Oz

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Dec 12, 2002
I remember years ago, and have recounted here how during a particularly vicious duck hunting season (antis standing in front of duck hunters), one of the hunters asked the leader of the protesters when they were going to come after his fishing rod...question was answered, in that it wasn't until they achieved other outcomes.

Had a funny dose of Irony watching last night's news.

Spent the weekend making PVC pipe bows (google it, it's great), and punching bamboo stakes around the back yard with my son on Sunday.

Last night's news, Oz is facing calls for "high powered,and highly accurate" compound bows to be classed as prohibitied weapons. Under Oz legislation, ownership of "prohibited weapons" is $10k fine, or 2 years in gaol. List of prohibited weapons includes bullet proof vests, Ruger 10-22s, Browning M2s etc. etc.

News footage showed reporters being able to walk into "sporting" stores, and without licence or background checks, walk out with a "high powered, highly accurate" compound bow.

Switch to a kid at a range, who is explaining that the compound mechanism makes it easy for a child to use one...and as pointed out, he can legally, with no licencing.

Switch to heart rending pics of injured native wildlife with arrows in them, to reinforce why compound bows should be placed on prohibited weapons lists and banned....aside from the fact that killing native wildlife is outright illegal, injuring an animal and leaving it is again, illegal, and that from an arrow, one would find difficulty identifying whether it was a compound or not that shot it.

Looks (IMO) like a two pronged attack, firstly against bow hunting, and secondly, another "evil" looking weapon demonisation.

Currently they are legal, anyone can buy them, and there are no issues carrying them safely on public transport (carrying not brandishing, which can be an offence).

Will have to wait and see how public opinion is formed on the issue.
dave1251, that's one of the things that my better half loved about your neck of the world compared to here.
When I started flying in the military I flew several flights to Alice Springs, Richmond, and Christchurch. Loved the area and the people, but you guys do have some strange laws.
And up here in the GWN the feds just announced that they are relaxing the restrictions on firearms....
I'm sure the rise in compound bows/crossbows being used as hunting instruments goes hand and hand with strict firearms regulation. I'm into archery and my "arsenal" contains one compound bow and two crossbows. Rest easy folks I'm not about to take over the world with them.
All in the name of "civilized" nation(s). Amazing how the sheep like to blame the evil looking implement and not the person(s) behind the evil implement. Soon enough there will be no 4 legged animal nor fish allowed to be eaten....and then they will go after the evil knife, hence a perfect world it would be if all we needed was a spork!
The radical environmentalists and socialists have been called the, last wall of communism and fascism.

They lay awake at night trying to determine how to control, through the courts, fiat legislation, pseudo-science and by other means, any population of free thinking and liberty loving people.

Why? Because if they can do this "legally," they will have no armed opposition and can eventually control the population.

Recent history (within the last 75 years) has many examples.
Obviously this legislation is sorely needed. Those "Assault Bows" are a danger to us all.

Think of the poor criminal that goes to rob a house in a home invasion robbery, and is confronted by a homeowner "Armed" with an evil "Assault Bow". He might actually experience angst over his poor choices in life. THAT is completely unacceptable..
Makes perfect sense to me, JK. When them terrorist blew up the pressure cookers in Boston they wanted to make it law that people register their pressure cookers with the local law.
Some stores even took pressure cookers of the shelf. LOL
Just wait till hammers and screwdrivers become the weapon of choice for local thugs and night burglars.
Absolutely LUDICROUS!

Hopefully the Australian people will rise up and tell these nut cases that occupy their government to get lost. They need to vote them out of Parliament ASAP. For that matter they need to restore the rights of gun owners as well. Hopefully by some miracle the people will get it done soon.
Are machine bows(aka long bows) legal down there?

These things are too dangerous. For the children they need to be banned.

Machine Bow
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Many years ago there were two groups of cave men approaching each other in the nigh. Each group claimed they had the weapon to end all wars. One group had a rock. The other group had a stick. The outcome of this battle was an important lesson. Each group now knew they needed a better weapon. And that lead to the ......
Originally Posted By: hatt
Are machine bows(aka long bows) legal down there?

These things are too dangerous. For the children they need to be banned.

Machine Bow

Along with soda pop, chocolate, movie popcorn, etc... When was the last time that you know of, where a child was killed with a long bow, lets say in the US anyway? Lars is using a rather primitive recurve, when compared to the compounds available today.
I sat on a trial recently where the prosecution used the term "assault bow" in an attempt to sway the jury in a matter concerning a compound bow.

They have no shame.

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