Comp restarts when I try to get to the setup menu

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Nov 23, 2012
South Dakota
Hey guys, strange computer issue here. The laptop is a Samsung NP300E5E. So here is the story.. I switched the laptop to boot from USB drive first. Now I went and tried switch it back (to booting from HDD) and access the setup menu by hitting the F2 key when the laptop starts. The laptop now just restarts if I hit the F2 key, and won't let me get into the setup menu. This is not the first time I have switched the computer back and forth to boot from the USB / HDD... So right now I can only boot from the USB, because I can't access the setup menu to put it back to boot from the HDD. I have never seen anything like this, what could be the issue? Thanks!
Isn't there another function key that you could also try? I've seen systems with two keys: one that will let you temporarily select a boot sequence, and another one that gets you into the BIOS where you can permanently set the boot sequence. Are both not working for you? On mine it's either F8 or F12, I can't remember. I guess that would vary depending on the BIOS.
Still trying to figure this out.. been really busy with work so haven had much time to look at it. Thanks for the ideas so far.
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