Collinite No.845 ?

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Feb 19, 2008
So I tried Collinite 845 and I liked the way it went on and off also the shine was good but after my car was in the sun I have this "Haze" that seems to have appeared on the finish? Is this normal and will it just wash off?
Without pics, it's hard to guess what may have happened. But I'm guessing you put the wax on too thick.

Wash the car with a good wax-friendly soap and buff dry. It will help to level the wax.

Actually, my car always looks better after a wash or two after applying Collinite. So, what I started doing was using a spray bottle and misting the car with water and buffing dry after removing the wax. Same effect as washing.
I'm guessing you put it on too thick. I've made this mistake before, especially because Collinite 845 is runny and mostly clear, and you hardly need any. It's easy to over-apply.
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I'm guessing you put it on too thick. I've made this mistake before, especially because Collinite 845 is runny and mostly clear, and you hardly need any. It's easy to over-apply.

+1 Collinite needs to be applied super thin otherwise it will haze. I have heard people attaching a spray top and putting one spray on a buffing pad per panel. That's how thin it should be
Yes I've noticed the same especially after leaving the car in bright sunlight. I believe it goes away on its own after a while or after the next car wash. I really like the ease of applying and removing 845 but having to wait for another car wash to bring out the shine is annoying. I may look for an alternative.
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I've never had this issue myself, but for those of you who are having the problem, did you use a car wash soap with wax in it before applying 845?
If you apply 845 too thick, it can sometimes do what they call "sweat". You'll usually see it a couple hours after application or if you pull your car in the sun, it will accelerate the issue. It will look like you almost didn't remove the wax at all. Had this happen to me before as have others.
Applied to thick like everyone else said. When applying it should appear almost invisible, pretty much like a smeared fingerprint. That's why it's important to really work it in. It's the only way to assure complete coverage with a thin coat. Microfiber applicators are the best at this.

The haze is the wax solvents sweating back up to the surface, apply too much and the solvents soak into the paint, it's what helps 845 bond so well to the paint and be so durable. But put too much and it takes so long to dry and when it does you're left with caked on wax hard as concrete.

And wiping the sweated solvent off also strips wax protection and thins out the over all protection applied. It's very important to apply thin coats, not only does your bottle last longer but you can then let the wax cure on the panel longer, still be able to buff it off to a great shine and the protection will last longer because you're not wiping off the sweated solvent.
When using a product like Collinite.....skip the liquid products. I only recommend their paste waxes.

My favorite is #915. I haven't used #476 yet. And I keep #885 on my boats. Paste is WAY better than the liquid.

If you apply the paste thin, and remove it as soon as it starts to haze, like you should, it wipes right off. Its when people try to do too much of a car/boat at one time, is when they have problems.

And a trick here with paste is: if you do screw up and let the wax set-up too long and it's nearly impossible to remove, simply put another thin coat of wax over the hazed over stuff and buff off everything immediately. It will all come off with ease.

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