Coil spring rust

Nov 9, 2008
While working on a seized caliper I noticed a big patch of rust on a coil spring. Looks like a sand trap on the bottom of this rear strut on our 2003 CRV. All the paint came off in big chunks when I tested it. I don't see much more than surface rust, but I'm not sure if this is a sure sign that it needs replacement or not.

I'm guessing quick struts would be fine for this, I don't think CRV's had many different options back then, this doesn't get many miles, and TBH I have no love for this vehicle--perfect for quickstruts I think, if they are required. [Vehicle has 163k on it and I think only 1 strut has been replaced.]

I’d just wire brush and clean it, spray with some thick paint (maybe engine paint?) and oil before winter.
The coil will often break within that lower portion where the heavy rust exists. However, I would leave it be till it breaks, if it ever does.