clutch shudder that went away????

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
So for the last couple days i noticed my saturns engine or clutch was shuddering on take off. So today I checked everything and it seemed ok. So i tried taking off slower by riding the clutch on take off a little longer that made it worse. So I tried taking off in 5th and it died it bucked a little and died. So clutch isnt slipping . I then went up a steep hill 15 mph and put it in 5th it also died. I took off hard just to make sure my other tests were correct and there isnt an ounce of slipping . I have no oil leaks. So its not being contaminated. I decided after that to drive as normal and see if it would still do it and to my suprise . NO its smooth as silk again. I guess im happy that it isn't doing it but what the heck? I'm an not sure if the clutch is original or not. It has 193k on the car and I havent replaced it but who knows if they did before me. So what would possibly cause this. I don't want to replace the clutch if i dont have to and its not slipping so I'm confused. The shuddering was never very violent . It was about the same intensity of violence as someone letting out on the clutch a hair to soon and you get that little engine rock vibration. Wasn't shaking the whole car or nothing scary but I could definetly feel it. But now its gone and thats even scarier. Either that or my car loves me and fixed itself. (Not likely) thanks guys for any help.
Clutches can become glazed, if the glazing isn't that bad you can "break the glaze", and the clutch will work fine. It has happened to me a few times, since my MT vehicle is used only in stop and go situations. A way I found that helps break the glaze is to put the vehicle in first gear, clutch down, hold the break firmly and release the clutch as if you were trying to take off. Give it no gas, and let it stall. I think what you did was possibly break the glaze. In some vehicles, slight chatter is condidered normal, especially in cars that were geared for max fuel economy.
If you have a very small rear main seal leak it can contaminate the clutch but you won't notice any visible leaks. One other thought is that you may need to replace engine and/or transmission mounts.
Thanks guys. The mounts are good . I don't think its leaking . I use less oil now than I ever have.what causes the glazing?
I had an E30 BMW that was having some clutch shudder, abrupt take-up, and assorted wierdness that turned out to be a leak at the front seal of the transmission. Some second gear clutch slipping abuse would make it better for a couple of days, new clutch solved the problem. The clutch never lost its functionality but it was annoying.
Is there any way to know its leaking? It has always been more grabby when the car was cold. Could the cold weather be a factor?
chevyboy14 said:
Is there any way to know its leaking? It has always been more grabby when the car was cold. Could the cold weather be a factor? [/quote Yah, stuff binds up n the cold. Grease gets stiff, metal contracts.
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