Clutch Master Cylinder - 2002 Camaro

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Mar 3, 2009
Fort Erie, ON
The clutch master cylinder in my Camaro is shot and I need to replace it. On the Camaro forums, the Tick and MacLeod MCs are popular but my car is all stock and those high performance MCs are more expensive than I'm ready to pay right now. I checked with a local rebuilding shop and they told me that they can't re-sleeve my OEM MC as it's made of plastic. They recommended that I get a name brand aftermarket master cylinder and there no real advantage to buying OEM from GM (also expensive). Rock Auto lists 2 master cylinders with hearts (popular with customers): LUK LMC362 & EXEDY MC334. The WAGNER CM134605 is a brand I recognize. All have 12 month warranties. Any advice about buying clutch master cylinders?
Wagner isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm too lazy to look for a price but I would never pay extra for Wagner just because of the brand.
Do it right now. I have the Mcleod in mine. I love it, but I also have the Mcleod RST Twin disk clutch.
I just installed a Centric master cylinder in a Saturn and it was identical ot OEM and worked fine. I would use a LUK without hesitation as well.
Luk is also an oem supplier for Ford, or at least was iirc. Regardless, I have used luk clutch kits in the past, and they are a quality brand.
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