Cisco acquiring ThousandEyes


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada

Originally Posted by ThousandEyes
Today is a big day as we announce our plans to join forces with Cisco. I have been asked about our exit strategy many times. I have never liked that question. We've never had an exit strategy, and I used to say my exit strategy is "to not have one." Even an IPO is not an exit to me—it's just a new phase for the company. So our strategy has been to keep growing and to make decisions that were healthy for the long term. While some folks may argue that this is an exit, it's not in my mind. We decided to become part of Cisco because we saw the potential to do much more, much faster, and truly create a legacy for ThousandEyes. It's a great outcome no doubt for employees and investors, but we also made this decision knowing this would be a great outcome for our customers—whose best interests have always been at the center of every decision we make at ThousandEyes.

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The last few years have seen a rapid acceleration of Cloud adoption, widespread use of SaaS applications, and a reliance on the Internet and networks outside of enterprise control. This increased dependence on the Internet and other third-party infrastructures, compounded over the past several months during the COVID-19 pandemic, substantially reduces the ability for enterprise IT teams to predict, visualize and control operational behavior. The result is often a chaotic and unmanageable IT environment that makes issue resolution a time-consuming ordeal that can potentially have a massive impact on customer experience, brand reputation and revenue.

By bringing together Cisco's strength in network and application performance with ThousandEyes' visibility into the Internet, customers will now have an end-to-end view into the digital delivery of applications and services over the Internet, allowing them to pinpoint deficiencies and improve network and application performance across enterprise and cloud networks. This acquisition will also empower enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation, no matter where they are in their journey, by delivering comprehensive visibility into applications and services delivered to customers and employees.

Cisco seems eager to acquire any manner of successful cloud service provider and this is no exception. Their experience with Meraki has been interesting; I'd say by and large successful with really only the phone system offering being a flop. Their own foray into doing a cloud-managed phone system (BE4000) didn't receive the expected adoption and those products are being converted to locally managed if you plan on operating it beyond the EOL date, which isn't too far out. OpenDNS has been a huge success (now Cisco Umbrella).

Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
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I wonder if they named their company after the big hit song sung by Bobby Vee?

I'm doubting it, but that warranted a google, as I wasn't familiar with the song