Chrysler 2.7L oil question

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Jan 10, 2009
I have a friend who owns a 2002 Chrysler product with the 2.7L engine, my understanding is this engine is prone to sludge issues, and I want to help him out. The car only has 50,000 miles on it and is used for short trips mostly, so I’m worried that it probably does have a sludge issue brewing.
I use Delo 400 synthetic in all of my vehicles, unless I’m able to find chevron Supreme Synthetic or Havoline synthetic. My question is what would be the better easy to obtain oils for his vehicle? I’m looking for synthetic oil that will possibly help clean up his existing sludge if it is in fact in there, plus help prevent future issues.
From what I read on here treatment with the Auto RX will be suggested but his budget is super tight, and just moving up to synthetic will be pushing his budget, so that’s not an option right now. If it was my own vehicle I would use Delo 400 Synthetic in 5W-40, but it’s not my vehicle so I’m looking for suggestions in the “proper” viscosity ranges.
PP or M1HM clean a little, but a nice engine treatment like MMO or AutoRX would probably do a better job.
Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30, or Supertech synthetic 5W-30, every 5k miles would be a good, inexpensive regime.
What year model is the vehicle and what weight of oil is it spec'd?
I have an 06' Sebring with the 2.7l V-6 that is spec'd for 5W-20. I have been running MotorCraft 5W-20 Semi-Synthetic for a while and has seem to keep the engine very clean. I did however just switch over to GC 0W-30 (Castrol Syntec) to help alleviate a lifter tick. After 3 days, there has been no tick. I do not believe that Delo 400 is synthetic, and 5W-40 may be to thick for that engine. I would recommend MotorCraft 5W-20 or 5W-30. Very good oil at a very affordable price.
The FIRST thing I'd do with an '02 2.7 is grit your teeth, go to a dealer, and have them run the VIN code through their computer to make sure all applicable TSBs and/or recalls have been applied. I think there were TSBs for both the PCV system and also maybe the timing chain tensioners on early versions of that engine, but likely that would have been for engines older than a 2002. Better safe than sorry, though.

After that, run a name brand synthetic oil of the proper grade. I would absolutely NOT run a heavy oil like 5w40 HDEO in a 2.7 if it were mine. If this is a "new to your friend" car, do a short interval run on the oil and filter the first couple of changes.
Everyone has 20 bucks to do an autorx so that's not realistic to say he can't afford that. That is like 5 jack and cokes. Cut it out for a week and you have autorx.

Seriously, the 2002 and above models don't have sludging issues. Boy they sure did ( I was a victim in 01 ), but I do have an 02 still in the family with 165,000 miles on it. Fed synthetic it's whole life. Been an excellant car all around. The 01 by the way was a company vehicle, it was replaced by the 02 and I bought it used (from me) at 50K and the daughter has had it ever since.

02 they did the porting change in the engine to allow more lubricant (oil) in the upper and chain part of the engine. That fixed it.

Actually is an excellant engine design. Knock on wood.
Always got 29 on the highway with it, and it's a huge vehicle with room to spare in the back.
Good Advice 440Magnum!
No way would I go over a 3k oci on this engine, and I would use a quality synthetic. These engines are really hard on oil, and I am not convinced that the newer ones aren't prone to sludge either.
2002 and up 2.7 have problems too.The dealership in my area even said this.Jasper does reman the 2.7 and I have installed one so far.Jasper throws away the balancer away on the passenger side cam.There is one thing with Jaspers warranty on the 2.7,keep every oil change receipt including receipts of the oil and filter if you ever do the oil change your self.The general rule change on a 2.7 is every 3,000 mile,not over or before 3,000 miles.The base 2005 and up 300s do have the 2.7 in them and my mother did drive one with the 2.7.My father got rid of it taking it to the auction,did not trust it.
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