Chevron Supreme

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Feb 5, 2009
I'm thinking about switching to this oil down the road when my Syntec stash runs out. It looks to be about $27/12qts. at Costco right now and hopefully can find a coupon/rebate also. I am one of the 3000 to 4000mi. OCI people so I figured I might as well go dino, and I've read that Supreme is Group II+ and/or Grp III. It sounds like this used to be a highly reguarded oil on this site. was that do to price, performance, or both back in the day? What are you thoughts on this possible switch (for a 99 GM 4.3).
Excellent oil.

Best UOA I've ever had on my 2000 Silverado 4x4 ext cab with the 4.8l V8 was with Chevron.

Better than every other oil I tried (incl Mobil 1, Syntec and such)

It was thought highly here due to performance and price!

Take care, bill
I've used it for break-in on my last few new Acuras and Hondas. All that moly helps the cross-hatch wear flat rather than getting rolled-over. Some guys always want that synth oil in a new car, thinking dino is not good enough or whatever. Kind of sad. Last I looked CS 10w-40 had a +430f flashpoint, as good as some premium Euro syns.
It's an excellent product but getting hard to find since Chev merged with Texaco. Most of Chev's old shelf space has been switched to Havoline.

It's been 2 years at least since my local Costco's carried Chev. Back in those days it was something like $11.99 for a case! My local Walmart had it for awhile but it's been phased out of there, too.

Good stuff, that CS. If you feel you'll have a steady supply, I'd switch if I were only doing 3-4K OCI's.
If your trips are mostly less than 10 miles then 3-4k miles OCI's is okay. If not, you should consider to extend to 5-6k miles in summer even with dino.
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