Changed Serpentine Belt & Tensioner Assembly

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Oct 15, 2009
Upstate South Carolina
Changed the belt and tensioner assembly on my wife's Tribute. I used a Dayco tensioner and Dayco Poly W belt. The original assembly didn't squeak BUT had some play in it that the Dayco video indicated the need to replace. Very easy install. Question is, how good is the Dayco tensioner assembly? The Gates assembly @ O'Reillys didn't look as quality as the Dayco and with the Advance discount codes, it was much cheaper.
I have a Dayco belt and tensioner on my car. The tensioner was expensive at $60 and came with a plastic pulley, but they say that is a plus. Other than that it took two of us to get it on. Well, I mean, after installation the pulley was bigger or something because we really had to strain to get the belt back on. It was simple and a one man job on the OEM tensioner. Anyway, 10k miles later and its turning just fine.
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Dayco is fine. Made in China but fine
My Dayco belt and tensioner are both made in the states...
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