Case 220

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Aug 14, 2003
Buffalo, NY
I just became the proud owner of a Case 220 to tinker with. My main mowing machine is a Cub Cadet 2544 (a modern, not so 'tinkerable' tractor) The Case is a 1979. Found it on Craigslist not far from my house being sold by it's original owner. It's all original, garage kept, unopened Kohler K241 (10hp) and no touch ups or patches of any kind. It lights right off, idles smooth as butter and snaps right to life at max governed speed. The fabed steel 40” deck looks good, leading edges appear to be bent in slightly is about it. Anyway... I'm super excited. I've been an outdoor power equipment enthusiast for as long as I can remember and have always marveled at the awesomeness of Case/Ingersoll machines w/ all the cast iron, heavy gauge steel and full hydraulic drive system. I may have overpaid a bit at $500, but the owner was great and definitely looks the kind of guy to keep things up. His yard was probably a half an acre, smooth, flat and neat as a pin. This 220 couldn't have had a hard life at all. He wouldn't budge on price. I know he started the add at $900 weeks ago, then $700...when it got down to $500 I had to go look. Here's the Craigslist photos:


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