Carpet Shopping - Need Advice

Oct 10, 2008
Sunny Florida
We work for several of the higher end carpet stores in the area. Many of them send us out to try and placate unhappy clients. We have seen very young carpets by Karastan that are completely shot on steps, in hallways, and other higher traffic areas. Having been in the floor biz for over 40 years my personal opinion is that Karastan is not the name they used to be. Note that the carpet industry has a plethora of warranties that seem great but are full of baloney, such as requiring actual fiber loss to prove wear coverage when the simple fact is carpets almost never wear out. They just lose their texture/twist and get ugly. Very few warranties cover this loss of appearance, even on some expensive carpets. We would rate Tuftex in the top 5 brand names of all of them these days. I have 10 year old Tuftex products I maintain for folks that still look fantastic. Note that I also remind folks that brand is normally not as important as specs since about 70-80% of all carpet is made by one mfgr. But Tuftex is a shining example of good stuff IMO.