CanAm Defender HD10 Annual oil change-Filter?

Apr 16, 2014
Wife has a big 1000cc SXS. Pavement use only. Always gets up to full temp (fan runs) on every ride. The oil that is in it is syn of the proper grade. I changed it around 14 months and 250 miles ago but did NOT change the oil filter since it only had 500 miles on the oil and filter at the time at the time. I have health problems and changing the internally located filter is a bit of a pain. I need a complete shoulder replacement. Question: Filter has less than 900 miles on it and vehicle has had 2 syn oil changes since it was installed. Should I go another year and a few hundred more miles on it and change it next year?
That's a lot of miles for an OHRV. I would probably change it. I hear you on the pain too, dealing with post covid blood clots and leg and back pain.
It might be worth dropping it off this time around for a service or better yet, have your wife do it.

Curious about the pavement use only. Do you live in an OHRV friendly area? Being from anti-fun Massachusetts, we spend a lot of time up North riding in NH (my wife is a NH girl) where OHRV's are the economic backbone. Both my kids learned to drive on the trails and streets up there and acquired their regular MA driver's license with ease.
I just do yearly oil and filter changes with a HiFlo filter. Takes the guess work and these machines get worked. I run a franken brew of OEM 10w40 and the other half a robust 15w40 HDEO - Delvac 1300. Good luck!
I wonder if it's the same engine and oil filter setup as our Maverick? If it is I found it best to attack it from underneath the thing vs gutting the interier.

I am also curious about pavement only on the thing. Can't do that here,it will get impounded.

Can am says 2000 miles on ours. Sounds like you are less than 1k. I don't see why you can't just change the oil and leave the filter.
I have no issue going 1000 off road (dirt) miles in our toys.

Air filter is more critical in these toys.