Body work 101 - new pieces & welding


Nov 6, 2017
I'm replacing a core support on an Aveo --- 2014 MY maybe? Or maybe 2009, can't recall.

I don't have a spot welder that would work for this so I'll just be using wire feed to reattach.

I'll definitely take the vehicle itself down to bare metal where I'm going to weld, but the question is the new piece -- is this black "paint" likely paint or a weld-friendly primer? Do I need to clean the black off around future welds?

I know it'll be obvious on my first weld based upon porosity, but then I'd have to break that weld and get the piece off the vehicle again to clean properly, so better to figure it out now

I assume this piece is aftermarket - I did not source it myself
I'm NOT a bodyman. I am an AWS CWI. I perform Quality control inspections on welds for a living. Mostly I do power plants, chemical & oil refineries, highway bridges, etc. It is against most welding codes to BEGIN welding while there is paint, grease, oil, rust, mill scale, foreign material, etc. on the surface. Welding does not begin until there is clean bare shiny metal.