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May 14, 2007
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The owner and staff at BITOG encourage discussion and sharing in regards to all allowable topics within the context of this site's endeavors. As our membership grows in numbers, we become more diverse; that comes with both blessings and challenges. We want all to enjoy their time here; please share with, as well as learn from, others. Agreement, debate and even disagreement are all acceptable as long as it happens with civility; the Golden Rule is our guiding principle.

To that end, we have Rules and policies as to how all members shall act/interact on BITOG. Please understand that the Rules are not a maximum limit, but rather a minimum threshold of the overall, total societal conduct we expect and enforce at our sole discretion. Appropriate conduct is embraced and welcome; inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated on any level and will be dealt with accordingly. This is a privately owned, family-friendly site; we insist upon behavior that supports and does not contradict our mantra.

Do not initiate conversations and/or discuss materials concerning the following topics: Religion, Sex, Politics (RSP)
Past experience has shown that those topics can't be discussed without conflict. Implication, innuendo and such similar efforts are also unacceptable. Hot-Button topics such as climate change, etc are also unwarranted.

Do not initiate or participate in conversations and/or link materials which promote or encourage illegal behavior(s). Examples of such prohibited content would be, but are not limited to, the following:
- products or "how to" information regarding deleting/defeating emmisions control systems.
- products or "how to" information regarding illegal modifications to firearms such as Glock "switches", illegal trigger conversions, etc.
Any conversation or information which can be reasonably interpreted as facilitating illegal acts will be grounds for thread/post removal and actions taken against the member(s). Any violation should be immediately be brought to the attention of BITOG staff via the "report" feature within the thread/post(s).

The word censor/profanity filter shall not be ignored or bypassed
Use the preview tool on all posts before posting.
- If a word is marked as censored then that word is not allowed; do not use that word.
- If you have to fool the censor/filter by using alternate spellings and/or special characters, do not use that word.
- Abreviations which contain words which would otherwise be caught by the filter shall not be used.
- Acronyms which embed illicit words within the character string are prohibited; do not use that acronym.
The ever-changing and evolving electronic world in which we live makes it difficult to have the automated censor catch all violations. Violations may also be caught by Moderator intervention. The bottom line is that you will be held accountable for any and all things you post, regardless of how that content is expressed.

We do not support nor advocate for Legal and Medical advice
BITOG is not equipped or intended to be a source of information, advice, aid or general curiosity for those subjects. Seeking Legal or Medical advice from anonymous strangers is inherently ill advised.

Trolling, baiting, doxing, etc ...
Disruptive conduct means to incite conflict or data-mine for nefarious purposes. Definition of and response to disruptive conduct are the sole discretion of board representatives.

Linked materials shall be of acceptable nature
Today's technology gives us many opportunities to share a wealth of materials and images from other sources. Prior to posting anything here, it is your responsibility to review the material completely and assure it is in keeping with our rules and policies; it shall not include embedded content which will violate our tenets. This includes but is not limited to all visual and audible content, as well as any trademark and copyright status. Further, do not post video links which are easily found elsewhere, simply for the purpose to repost them here with no substantial meaning or credible dialog.

Policing the site
Our moderators cannot be everywhere at once. We count on the dutiful eye of each member to help us keep this site in order. We ask that you help us keep a great site going; please alert moderators if violations of the Forum Rules or Standard of Conduct occur.

Personal responsibility
Each member is expected to review and adhere to the Forum Rules Terms and Conditions as agreed upon joining our membership, as well as this Standard of Conduct.

Rules and legal statements here:

Notification process here:

Complaint process here:
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