Best handheld cordless vacuum?

Looking for something for the house, doing the stairs, etc. I've gotten two from Amazon that ended up being duds. Many of them have equally great and terrible reviews. Will spend up to $150.
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No such - thing is there? I bough a hand -held CORDED vacuum for my parents two decades ago. I think it had a paper filter bag in a cloth outer bag bag with a rotating brush head - like a mini, horizontal Royal smile I don't think they ever used it. I use a med- small canister that will stand up. Corded I have to use a wand and head from the 60's since most of the new stuff is absolute junk. I think my canister is an Italian made ERMER The motor sounds like F1 race car smile
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Don't know exactly what you are looking for but the hand held, lightweight, 20V Dewalt shop vac is pretty awesome. It also has a cord for backup power. But it's less powerful on the cord. Just an FYI, it has very good power for dirt, sand, water etc. But if you need to pick up steel nuts and screws on the shop floor, it's just barely able to do that. It will for example do a great job cleaning the car carpets and all the sand that accumulates under the floor mats.
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Stay away from Dirt Devil. Sad, because they used to be an unknown high performer. They became junk. I like Tineco. But, I have very realistic expectations of what one can expect from a cordless, versus a 10amp corded. I'll never drop my money on a Dyson.


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Buy a Dyson. No better for cordless. Expensive.
Nah. In-laws, parents, friends have Dysons. I'd take this any day: [Linked Image] In fact, I have one on each story of our house, and one in the basement. It works perfect as a walk around vac for light cleaning, and unlike the Dyson, the battery is easily swappable, so you can charge it or change it. It doesn't have a beater bar, but you don't want one on hard surfaces. We've had ours for years and they have been flawless. Good suction, zero complaints. $170 for the kit with battery and charger; $80 if you already have Makita tools... way less then the fancy Dyson v series cordless vacuums, and not a paperweight if the battery goes bad. Now, for the garage, I just bought a Milwaukee cordless vac. It is the box vac for $119 at HD. Works great, nicely made, but it is loud. It squeals. I bought na 8Ah HO battery, and a long extension hose for it and have been pleased. Primary use is spot cleaning inside and outside (pollen and maple seeds) of the cars.
I have found the best vacuum cleaner for me.

This is Tineco iFloor. I don't want to suggest any advertising, but it is really the best.

I wrote about it in this page

But I repeat my opinion here.

I was looking for the best vacuum cleaner by next features:

- Wet and Dry
- Lightweight
- Cordless
- Easy for children
- Not expensive

And I found only one cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner with this characteristics. It became a vacuum cleaner Tineco iFloor
I did some research a few years back and ended up getting this: Black + Decker Pivot

I have very little complaints about it and it has been better than any I've owned before it.