Bad torque converter shudder on 95 Olds Eighty Eight?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
My brother is looking at a 95 Olds Eighty Eight, he likes it and he wants to buy it. He took it out for a test drive and everything seems to work, except for one thing. Bad torque converter shudder the instant it goes into torque converter lockup. Haul it into 3rd gear and the shudder goes away. Any idea what could cause this?
sounds more like an igniton misfire you only feel when it's locked up.

AFAIK, the TCs on those GMs of that era weren't pulse modulated, they're either on or off. I'd skip that car.
How many miles?

Take a look at the plug wires. My regal had an issue that felt like that, but turned out it was the #2 plug wire.
If you're sure it's shudder, change the ATF. I've had great experience with Lubeguard RED in all my Dexron/Mercon vehicles, but always with new ATF. If that doesn't do it, it's either not the tranny or not worth owning.
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