Aus Ford Falcon I6 clean, under rocker cover pics

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Feb 12, 2014
Gold Coast, QL, Australia
As you can see in the first photo I never took much notice of the poor engine bay's appearance so I decided to change that on my day off yesterday.
I took all the easily removable parts out, like the air box and pipe, battery, fuse box and a few other bits, degreased the lot and then sprayed it matte black.
I then took the rocker cover off and scrubbed, sanded and then polished it with a wool buffer and some Aluminium Autosol.
I have a new Radiator reservoir to put in (as you can see this one has turned brown and starting to get tiny cracks) but I will put that on when I get my red silicone hoses this weekend. I also have a plastic cover coming that goes over the drive belt and power steering pump.
I had a nosey at the valve train and the whole thing seems to be in absolutely pristine condition apart from being slightly varnished. I gave all the rocker arms a good push and they were all solid so I know none of the lifters are collapsed or dead, which means the rattle I get could just be them sticking and lashing.



Engine close up

Under the cover - This is a 4.0 I6 SOHC engine that has 12 valves and uses roller rockers. It has done over 190,000KM on a diet of conventional and semi synthetic.

Rocker cover before and after

Never seen the insides of an Oz Ford Cammer before.

Looks good

(Getting a set of alloy covers for the Statesman soon, as the plastic ones are buggered)
Looks good! The rocker arms always have that varnished look to them, nothing to worry about at all. Keep doing what you're doing oil change wise! I'll post you my rocker cover to polish, since you did such a good job on yours...
Thanks all! And yeah varnish is pretty much unavoidable but it's far from severe!
For sure but it will cost ya! Haha It was actually pretty quick and easy if you ever decide to do it though
Also just remembered I forgot to get a needle and clean those tiny holes out on the end of the rocker arms which are the oil feeds to the lifters! Haha my bad, maybe my next free day :p
Don't worry about the holes, they are relief holes...oil looks like it comes from the rocker support shafts, along a drilling in the rocker (see the bulge along the length of the rocker on pic 5)
Ahh maybe it's those that are blocked haha the reason I think it's an oil delivery problem to the lifters is because thinner oil silences them, yet 10w40 makes them rattle like crazy, making me think the thicker stuff can't get past a partial blockage as easily
1400 hoss from 3.7 L turboed I6. Wicked.
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