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Feb 6, 2005
Hey guys, Been on this forum for a while now and with all the recent reformulations of some of the best oils, I'm now looking for suggestions as to what to put in my '04 Audi S4. The owners manual specs 5w-30 but most dealers fill with 5w-40. I'm just looking for a readily available high quality synthetic that is not crazy in pricing. Since the car requires 12 quarts of oil and a $40 oil filter each time I want to change the oil, I'm just trying to get the most for my money at this point. In the past I have noticed the engine to be rather loud with the castrol 5w-40 as well as the Mobil 1 TDT fill and have recently been running PP 5w30. I like the oil but am experiencing some oil consumption with this oil. Just looking for some recomendations as I've been out of the loop for a while now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I don't think you can maintain a car like that on the cheap. 12 quarts of any approved oil plus an expensive filter is what it is. I suggest using the right product for the job. That means Mobil One 0W-40 or Castrol Syntec 0W-30. You can find the M1 product at Walmart and the Castrol at Pep Boys and Autozone. Stock up when they go on sale if you want to save money. As for the filter, isn't it a cartridge style? If so, I found them online for about $10-15 at Rock Auto. You should be able to DIY your OCI for under $100.
I second bretfrazs' comments. The filter can be mail-ordered for $15 and they shouldn't cost more than $28 from the dealer. I'd stick with the 5W-40 oils or use what bretfraz suggests. I wouldn't use the low HT/HS, low viscosity oils in a hot running German car.
If you don't care about using approved oils and want high quality and low price, it would be hard to beat Rotella-T 5W-40 CJ-4. A gallon usually costs about $20. 12 quart sump is insane!
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