Arrow stapler T2025 discontinued


Nov 29, 2008
Oshawa, Ontario Canada
I have an Arrow T2025 stapler. It shoots the curved staples sized 1/4 inch (6mm) and 3/16 inch (5mm). I'm painting my garage and removed the garage door wiring and needed some new staples to faster the wires to the drywall.

Went to Home Depot and picked up the smallest staples (didn't check the sizes on my stapler). Figured these arrow staplers last forever if not abused. loaded the new staples and the trigger can't be depressed.

Went back to Home Depot and returned the staples. Brought the stapler with me this time and they only sell larger staples.

Checked Amazon Canada and US, Lowes and everything except EBay and they don't sell the smaller staples I need. Ended up calling Arrow and found out this stapler is discontinued. Funny, the home Depot near my still sells the same stapler. lol.

I just ended up using the T50 Stapler.

Have you guys found anything discontinued like this?

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If it doesn't sell why make it?
Myself, I would not use a curved staple on anything other than low voltage wiring.
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I have an Arrow stapler I bought in the 1980s. I used it once or maybe twice and forgot about it. It's somewhere in one of my tool boxes
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IIRC these staples were on clearance at either HD or Lowes a while back, which is likely before a product is discontinued.
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Don't get me wrong, I like their products but Sterilite is the worst for doing this. Their storage boxes; they either quickly discontinue the item or change the design so it no longer works with the boxes you already have.
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Who owns Arrow these days? I knew Ideal Industries sold them off, like they did Shop-Vac and SK tools.
Who owns Arrow these days? I knew Ideal Industries sold them off, like they did Shop-Vac and SK tools.
Ideal did not own Arrow or Shop Vac. Please don’t spread bad info.

GreatStar bought SK from Ideal, and GreatStar also owns Arrow and Shop Vac.
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