Are Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires any good

Jul 14, 2020
These are the cheapest tires that Walmart sells in the size I want (215-50-17). Even cheaper than the Douglas. I have heard good things about the Douglas, but know nothing about the Waterfall brand. FYI, I do not drive fast, or in bad weather, and if caught in rain, slow way down. Never in snow or Ice, as car is parked all winter.
Only reason I am looking at new tires is I am wanting to replace my stock rims with something nicer looking and can't find any that aren't a larger diameter.
Pics? Most Mustangs stock rims are pretty nice to begin with.
The 98 stock rims do not look good to me. AND they were in bad shape when I got them, so I painted them with "wheel" paint, and they look better, but still not my cup of tea. I am looking to buy a nice set of newer Mustang wheels, that I like better.
You can often find sets of rims with tires on Craigslist and Facebook for a few hundred from people upgrading their's.
My daughter has the Eco D's on her Chrysler 200. They've been fine and ride smooth. I mounted and balanced them and they required minimal weight. She picked these from Walmart for the price, but the reviews were pretty good.
What size and what vehicle did you have them on? Not that the Kumho's are not a good tire, but I'm curious about your experience with the Eco's..
I test drive them every now and then on customer cars with either 15" or 17" tires after they complain about noise or rough driveability. Usually they try to get them returned (lol not happening).

Take it this way, you should never cheap out on the things that separate you from the ground: your shoes, bed, and tires.