Any Outdoor Motion Sensors Made Well These Days ?

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
I am replacing some of my outdoor motion sensor lights what is a reliable brand these days.. I was told by two electricians rab makes good stuff does anyone know of any other good names?. I tried the big box stores and was very unhappy with the quality, i don't mind spending a little more for good stuff at an electrical supply store.
I'd say none (of them are high quality made these days), esp. Heath-Zenith and the likes, the ones drive by SCR/triac are literally craaappe, seldom last more than 2 yrs, and when they fail, they fail with all kinds of gremlins and misbehaviours. I was fortunate enough to go back to traditional relay types of motion sensor lights even though the cover angle is stated @ 150degree. The relay ones are much, much simpler if not reliable...and mine already have 4+yrs of usage on them, everything still stock. Q.
Buy Rab ,they work well and last. I have three of them on my home installed by the previous owner. Two of them failed (over ten years old) sent them back to RAB with $40 and they replaced them (out of warranty). New units come with a ten year warranty. I believe they are available from amazon if the supply house is too expensive. Company is located in Northvale New Jersey.
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I have a RAB that has worked quite well and is reliable. One thing I've found is that none of them are very reliable when mounted on eaves.
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