Another BS reply from Castrol re: GC

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Feb 28, 2003
Bradford, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, Castrol does not publish any formulations or changes in formulations. Our additive systems and base oils are proprietary and chosen for performance and suitability first. Castrol uses only the highest quality materials, including synthetic base oils.

Castrol Consumer Relations
[email protected]

I'm thinking maybe I should email them to request a MSDS sheet. Or, if I'm lucky they'll have one at AutoZone.
You know, if you guys keep pestering Castrol they might realize that they are putting out a quality product and stop! Or they will put their regular stuff in those bottles and laugh as we all run out to scarf it up as fast as it hits the shelves.
The Canadian GTX could be packaged by Shell in Ontario, Esso in December, or Pet-Can in Alberta next summer.
Sometimes the coloUr is light and other times the coloUr is dark depending on sunspot activity.
Pet-Can is licenced to produce BP Marine lubricants such as Energol DS3 30 and 40.
Castrol GTX???
Only Lord Browne knows for sure.
Outrun, what I posted above is pretty much what they sent to me. I'll forward it to you along with the TIF file that they attached. It is just a general information literature that describes the oil and lists some of the specs that it meets and applications.

It's on its way to you.

I wrote to Germany and simply asked them what their base stock was and what percentage.

FowVay, did you ask them whether this was for the "new" SLX formulation or the "old" SLX formulation? It's possible we could be getting the old formulation on the shelves here in North America.
I simply asked them what the base stock was of their Castrol SLX 0W-30. I didn't specify whether it was new formulation/old formulation.

The date on the data sheet that was sent was January 24, 2002.

"new" SLX formulation or the "old" SLX formulation

Just to point out again, SLX II is not newer, just different for Long-Life II Flexible Service Interval equiped Audis in Europe. LOW HT/HS! Will harm normal engines, WARNING!
The product they sent data on was the Longlife-01 product. It lists MB 229.3, VW 502.00, 505.00, 503,01, and BMW Longlife-01 along with ACEA A3/B3/B4 and API SL/CF. These are the same specs as the Castrol Syntec 0W-30 that we're getting here.

So according to them it's Gp 4 and no mention of esters unless they'd fall under the additive package.
I wrote to Germany and simply asked them what their base stock was and what percentage. They wrote back to me and here is their reply:

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thanks for your email dated 1st of November.
Castrol Formula SLX 0W-30 is a fullsynthetic lubricant (100% group IV). Attached you will find detailled product information.

Best regards
Technical support automotive / Germany

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Could you please give me some technical information about your Castrol SLX 0W-30.
I would like to know if you can tell me what percentage of this oil is made from group 3, group 4 and group 5 base stocks.

Thank you very much

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For whatever reason, Castrol of Europe is much easier to deal with than here in the USA and they wrote me back twice before sending this final reply. They sent a attachment that I have yet to translate but it appears to be a simple specification form.

So they're saying that the basestock is 100% group 4. I wasn't aware that this was possible but this is what they're saying. Should I inquire further and press my luck???
Patman - the Castrol SLX 0w-30 "pulled from sale" here in Australia was the SL formulation

I saw some Castol R Synthetic 10w-60 SH oil for sale in a country town on Saturday. Now thats OLD!


Originally posted by Patman:
The stuff we have here in North America must be the latest stuff since it's rated API SL.

I don't know Patman. Remember, the "new" SLX is amber, not green, per the MSDS dated January 2003.
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