Amsoil Small Engine 10w30 VOA

I didn't know if I should put this in the mower section or this one.

Virgin Oil Sample of Amsoil Small Engine 10w30. "Use in applications that require any of the following specifications...API SL, SJ, SH, SG...(GASOLINE). API CD, CF (DIESEL). JASO MA/MA2 Wet Clutch.
Amsoil Small Engine 10w30.jpg
Middlesex County CT
Thanks for this; purchased a gal recently for a friend's Honda es7000; A 100 hour OCI comes around fast when power outages seem to last for days now.

Hoping to extend the OCI to 200 hours.
The TBN seems low for a VOA. Especially an Amsoil oil.
Donald, if you remember about a year and a half ago, dustyroads and I had independently tested the Delo XLE 10W30 and came back with surprisingly low TBN; dusty found a Chevron white paper that explained the new ashless detergents would show about 1.5 points lower than normal detergents, even though the actual acid-fighting power was the same. Another note is Blackstone most definitely uses the ASTM for used oils not virgin; most notes on this tend to show a similar 1-2 point decrease using the used oil vs. new oil test. So, in reality compared to what you're used to seeing, the TBN is likely the equivalent of around 9.7-10.

Maybe Mola can weigh in and confirm and expand our knowledge.