AMSoil PI cleaner and oxygen sensor

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Jan 15, 2009
Pacific NW
I bought a bottle of the AMSoil product and had a real hard time getting it into my fuel tank. It appeared to have a neck too short to open the inner flap in the filler tube. I was filling up. A couple of minutes after I left the gas pump I got a check engine light. I had the codes read and it is the oxygen sensor.

Question - is there an older product not compatible with modern engine parts that has the same visual appearance of the label that might have been old stock on the shelf? I have exchanged a couple of emails with AMSoil tech support but just getting a dance asking for more information.

Was there such a product that could damage the oxygen sensor?

After a while the check engine light went out. It was out when the codes were read and it has not come back on. Is this an explainable behavior? I really do not want to replace the sensor if it is not needed.
Some cars have relatively deep fuel fillers. One of my cars is like this. I have a long neck funnel. Not sure what this has to do with the check engine light.

Amsoil PI will not harm your O2 sensor, newest version or oldest version. Chances are some cleaning is going on and [censored] is hitting your O2 sensor. Temporary phenomena.

That said, you have not posted the car, engine, miles, OC routine, cleaners used before, driving style Amsoil is asking for more info and this is called "getting a dance".
I have used PI in multiple vehicles without any 02 problems to report.

It unclogged an injector in my neon and made me a believer in the product.

Good stuff!
Thanks for the replies. It looks like the second bottle (the new one). From that and the rest of the replies, it appears that there is nothing looking like that bottle that is harmful. That is all I asked and wanted to know. That tells me it is coincidence or a transient from something being dissolved.

Thanks for the help. I will check codes again after a tank or two and see if the sensor really needs to be replaced.
Depending on mileage it may just be time for a new sensor.

My 99 grand caravan recommends new O2's at 100k. At 105k the check engine light came on, bad front O2.
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