Amsoil AMO 10w40 65 hrs. 40 hp turbo diesel

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Jul 1, 2004
Maple Valley wa.
65 hrs. on my Branson 1.7 ltr. 3cyl turbo diesel tractor engine. Oil is one calender year old mostly dirt work 1400rpm hydro pump speed in summer and blowin snow at 2600 rpm PTO speed in winter. Went through 2 air filters in 12 months because of filter minder showing to change (dirt and fire soot filled). Items with 0 not listed Al 1 iron 9 copper 3 lead 2 moly 1 pot. 2 boron 1 sil. 3 soduium 2 calc. 3187 mag. 27 phos. 1047 zinc 1173 VIS 69.6 flash 435 Insolubles .2 TBN 11.2 Granted I didn't put that many hours on it last year but I sure wish I could get one of my high tech EPA compliant street cars to look like this. I was runnin this thing in some hot dusty/dirty spots and the oil is like brand new. [Happy] snoboy [Coffee]
I got Schaeffer Supreme 7000 15w40 in tractor now. I'll run it for 6 months and then change back to AMO for the winter which will burn up my assorted stock pile of HDEO and then next year switch both diesels over to the new Cenex Maxtron 5w40 snoboy
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