Acura Transmission??

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Jan 17, 2018
Chester County/Pa.
Got the Acura in signature from my Father acouple weeks ago. He said that at 90,000 miles the local garage drained 3 quarts of Honda fluid & added 3 new quarts of Honda automatic tranny fluid. Then again at 100,000 miles he did the same regiment but they added a bottle of Lube Guard Red on top of the 3 new quarts of Honda automatic tranny fluid. Car shifts smooth at 112,000 miles. Is this transmission going to be ok with his regiment so far? Is Lube Guard Red a quality additive? Trying to learn on here.
If you're doing the work yourself, buy a case of honda fluid and a bag of washers and drain and fill the trans every oil change.
LG red is top quality. I would highly recommend doing the drain and fill procedure at least every 30k miles and use some LG red.
That's pretty much what I did with my RDX. Bought it at 88k and I've done 3 drain-and-fills since then to (I hope) keep things smooth for a long time. Also threw some LG red in there.
My friend owns an independent Honda/Acura repair shop and he recommends changing the auto trans fluid in all Hondas and Acuras every 20-30K miles. he said none of them have a filter and is cheap insurance to change more often.
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If you're doing the work yourself, buy a case of honda fluid and a bag of washers and drain and fill the trans every oil change.
Honda and Acura transmissions are known to be weak for their legendary dependability. Though they have fixed it, it is paramount to replace the fluids every 30K, your mechanic is wise and conservative to still with OEM fluid. No one goes wrong by throwing Lubegard Red into it... Every transmission loves that secret sauce.
The MDX and CRV in my sig have had the standard drain and fill every 30K since the original 50K interval and are now both well over 200K with zero history of tranny problems and none indicated currently via observation and UOA’s.
By 2006/2008 the V6 trans problems were pretty much solved for the most part. My plan of attack when I bought my 130k TL Type S was a complete 3X drain and fill when I first got it, and then 1x D/F with every oil change after for the next handful of changes and then every other oil change after that. I do 1oz of LG Red per Qt of fluid out/in. I don't change the washer every change though, and no leaks. If they start to seep, I change the washer, otherwise I don't. My 03 Accord V6 gets pretty much the same deal, every other oil change, but its the '[censored]' transmission, so I fully expect to have to replace it again (it was replaced at 110k), if I keep the car much longer (220k on it now) FWIW I was speaking with a pretty highly regarded Honda trans guy in these parts and he recommended for the V6's, every 10k do a drain and fill, lines up pretty well with what I was already doing. Also, if you do any reading around the net, you will see people talking about replacing the pressure switches. I'm still undecided on if it is a good plan or not. I've done mine, they're easy and not terribly expensive, but I don't have a lot of hard data to back up the claims.
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