98 Accord AT Shift Lever - Plastic rod installation

Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
My friends 98 Accord LX 2.3 4 banger shift lever handle lost the 2 small screws that held the handle on the steel shaft. The handle was loose and came off.
Internal to the steel rod is a 6" plastic rod that activates the shift lock when the handle thumb button is pressed.
It also allows the shifter to go into park; of course the innition key can only be removed in park.

The plastic rod pulled out and will not install completely. There is a square detent in the bottom that connects to a raised square on a horizontal pin (?) shaft at the bottom of the shift steel tube. The lower pin is lightly spring loaded; when the rod poped up the spring pushed the pin to the passenger side. This stops the plastic rod from installing completely. I can push the pin over with a thin screwdriver or length of bailing wire so I know ir moves.

Is there a procedure to install the rod so that I can install the remainder of the shifter assembly?
The 1st pic shows the plastic rod; the squared off receiver is at the bottom.
The 2nd pic shows the rod installed; less than 1/2 inch should protude from the top. It is marked in red.
The plastic collar (1st pic, right) will sit flush on the steel shift shaft if the plastic rod is seated correctly.

I appreciate your help.

accord plastic shift rod.jpg
Accord Shift.jpg
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