97 olds silhouette 3.4 AC

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Jun 15, 2003
Wondering if anyone has this van or its siblings and can confirm if one or both radiator fans run when the AC is on.

I just charged the formerly dead AC on this and it blows cool air in the cabin (good) but the fans aren't running.

I've had this van since March and never gotten stuck in serious traffic, so I haven't even heard them come on with coolant temp. I did jumper a relay to get the passenger side fan on, it works then, and is very quiet.

Typically I've seen GMs turn the rad fan on when the compressor is working-- and I was expecting it to kick in when the charge became sufficient.
At least one fan should be on with the AC on.
Usually both, or if you have one, the high speed setting.
I am surprised that the AC works with the fan circuit not being on. Is this an older model?

Anyway, relays are #1 on the suspect list.
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