7-Eleven Owner to Buy Marathon’s Speedway for $21 Billion

The three speedways you mention you've delivered to were all damaged in the riots this summer. Not exactly voluntary investment in their facilities. They've been busy rebuilding many of the locations that burned this summer - and there were a lot of them.

Within 20 miles as the crow flies I have:

Casey's: 5 (the nearest is nearly 10 miles away as the crow flies)
Hy-vee gas: 5
Superamerica: 51
Holiday: 63
Kwik Trip: 23

Casey's proposed a station here in Lakeville, but walked before it got council approval about 2 years ago.

Casey's business model has them dominant in many of the small communities across the southern part of the state. They have a significant hole in and around the twin cities metro. Look at a map of their locations and this is obvious.

Hy-Vee came in the twin cities with big plans, but has significantly slowed its expansion. We have two Hy-Vee gas locations in Lakeville, more than anywhere else in the metro. Their gas stores are nice, but there aren't that many of them.

I stand by my comments as Speedway (formerly superamerica) suffering from an overall lack of investment in their stores in the past 10+ years...
there is one 7-11 in my area.. plenty of speedways.. seems like it would be just the opposite speedway buying 7-11.
Yesterdays America and free air is about gone,,except in Red Bank tn,,my old friend who is about 80 still runs an old fashion gas station and repairs and he still greets customers out front at the pumps to pump your gas,,,how about that.....no other stations in our small community do this....and that was yesterday and yesterdays gone...................
In California it’s the law that air is free if buying gas.
Bad news in my opinion. Speedway stores are company owned with company employees. Despite the low pay, the company provides a benefit package and a path to management. Plus you have the ability to transfer if you want to live somewhere else.

Seven Eleven concentrates on the franchise model which is never as good for employees.
They will likely try to either franchise Speedway or sell the existing Speedway to franchisees.