2023 Honda pilot oil recommendation

Jul 25, 2009
Hi, This is the first Honda we have purchased and I read about Honda's oem oil having Molly in it but the poster was talking about a 2016 Honda. So I would like to get some recommendations on the correct oil to use on our 2023.
I have a 2019 Tahoe that I use Mobile 1 0w-20 and had planned on using that in the Pilot but I am thinking it might be the wrong choice.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
From the 2023 owners manual, all they ask for is a SN or higher 0w20 motor oil. If you purchase the current SP 0w20 synthetic, of any manufacturer, you’ll be greatly exceeding their requirement.

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I am not familiar with this engine, but if it dilutes oil with gas like Honda 2.0t, I would be using 0w-30 instead. Might want to send oil sample to lab.