2014 WSBK Laguna Seca Photo Show...

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Dec 9, 2011
The kids and their race faces... I just love watching them because who knows they might be a future World Champion... Marco is part of the Ten Kate Team Dave of Law Tigers is close personal friends with the Kawasaki girls I got to thank Law Tigers for a great display gig... Brynne Whittaker of KSBW channel 8 a Monterey news station... she was out interviewing race fans who could go on and on about their bikes for the camera... Zach Stevens is National Advertising Manager for the AMA... Steve Fields Executive Director Corporate Development... Do you know what he does??? ok neither do I... Lee Parks chief designer behind Deer skin gloves... http://www.leeparksdesign.com/ Honda was a no show again so we put up this litle tent for them... Marv entered Kawasaki's contest celebrating 30 year anniversary of the Ninja and by gosh he won first prize in the Race Replica category... he received a $500 set of Pirelli Super Corse SP... an $800 AGV helmet... a $150 tank bag... a $300 Jacket... not to mention a magazine photo shoot by Bryan Adams of Sportrider... Loris Bazz checking out Marv's tricked out ZX7R to envy... One of a kind 4 cylinder Kawie stopped the show... guess what??? its owned by my good friend and fellow RC45 owner Daniel S who collects all the serial #1 motorcycles he can find... I don't know what got into the Aprilia girls but I was told do not feed the models... Alvin Egerer of Passion Motorsports... Alvin is not only a member of VFRD aka DucatiTerminator... he is also a camera nut with many killer babe shots to his credit... Collin's RVF400 down in Cannery Row... Collin is restoring Colin Edward's HRC kitted RC30 that was raced in 89... Here's your average Cannery Row tourist and all she wanted to know "whats up with all the bikes in town?"
Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. I really wish I could have been there; wrong coast and all.
Nice! That RC45 and ZX-7 are from my favorite era of Superbike racing, the mid/late 90's. The series and the bikes just aren't like that any more, sadly.
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Nice pics, thanks for sharing. How do you like the Ceramic Matrix Composite rotors?
You're welcome... the CMCs will spoil you... for they offer the best features of premium iron rotors with the incredible lightweight of carbon and none of the warm up problems associated with Carbon/carbon... Because there is virtually no after market support for the RC45... I had to order Ducati CMC rotors and design and machine my own magnesium caliper mounts to fit my 17in TZ magnesium Marchesini and my R1 Ohlins Superbike forks and my Brembo billet radials... I can't cry about it but minimum tools for owning one of Honda's rare and exotic homologated specials is a Lathe and Mill... They tip the scales at only 6 ounces each... that's 2.5 ounces lighter than the aluminum radial mount Ohlins sells...
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