2014 Mustang ATF change interval

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Aug 27, 2005
NW Indiana
Conventional wisdom here has been every 30k for ATF and thats what I have always done with my vehicles. I bouth the Stang last year and it just rolled over 30K, I drive about 4K per year. Though the book recommends every 150K, are we still going with the 30K interval these days? If so, any upgrades to consider for Mercon V? Thanks
Besides the popular Maxlife ATF already mentioned, Autozone has a sale on Castrol's Full Synthetic ATF 2 quarts for $10 until February 8. There is no limit, but you do have to buy in multiples of 2 in order to get the sale price. Does your transmission have a drain plug? If not, Dorman probably makes a transmission pan that has one smile
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It does not have one. There are companies that make both a bigger pan with a drain plug and a dipstick, but they are rather pricey.
You might think it is worth the price after your first change.
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