2011 Coyote powered Ranger for sale

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I put a 302/c4 in my 1956 Ford. Mild cam and dual stacks. Nice. Needed a new worm and roller to steer IIRC.

I would put a SHO YAMAHA 60 deg v8 in a cobra kit or a mustang II or better yet a sunbeam tiger(!). Now you might have something if you rework the suspension properly for road race.
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There is a guy around town that has a 1980s shortbed Ranger with a 302 in it. The thing HAULS. It isn't a sleeper though because it is lowered and has Mustang GT wheels. Still a sweet truck though.
I've always thought of a well done "sleeper" as a "gentleman's express". In our neighborhood there is a stock looking 1966 Chevy Nova wagon with all Corvette Z06 running gear. It looks absolutely like a factory fresh car with no rough edges anywhere and nowhere does it betray its purpose unless you look very closely at the wheels and tires. They look a bit different than stock but beyond that and the well hidden roll cage under the upholstery and headliner, you might never guess what's underneath the sheet metal. I've been for a ride and driven this car and it's seriously fast but can be driven slowly in heavy traffic on a hot day with the a/c going full blast with no complaints from the engine. He said that he took the whole running gear as a package because GM had already done all the engineering. All he had to do was make it all fit.
There was a guy at Virginia Tech who had a VERY well done 2-series Volvo wagon (like a 240) with a 302 V-8 under the hood. The car was done very well; except for the period-specific aftermarket wheels, you'd never know anything was different about that car. There was a slight rumble to the exhaust, but it was very tastefully executed.
Very cool build -- but $27K vs. $34K for a new '15 Mustang GT? I'll take the new one with full warranty. Or, you can buy a new Ram Express RCSB with Hemi & 3.92 gears for less, and once again, have a full warranty.
This truck isn't for people who are concerned about warranties.

A new Mustang GT isn't much of a sleeper, can't haul anything, doesn't have AWD, etc.

The Ram will cost more than this Ranger with 4WD, it's huge in comparison, and again, not really a sleeper. No manual trans option either, and this Ranger is putting out more HP, possibly significantly more depending on the tuning.

It's a niche sleeper, meant to look like an everyday truck, but be anything but.

Granted, if I was going to build a daily driver V8 Ranger, I would go the Explorer 5.0 route since that's a drop in, nearly plug & play swap. Modular engines require MUCH more modification to fit. Notice the original HVAC has been replaced with aftermarket in the Coyote truck. Ford built a Ranger with a supercharged 5.4L from a lighting back around 2003, and I believe they actually had to modify the firewall to gain clearance.
I'd rather have a 2WD RC/LB with a Coyote engine...I wouldn't expect the transfer case to last long.

Of course...you wouldn't have to do much talking to get me into a Ranger with a nice 347ci 302 (or 400+ci 351W) and a T56.
Sleeper or not, that interior looks to be straight out of my 2000 Explorer. Like I said, it's cool, but I would never want it, and I wouldn't pay half that for it. If anything breaks, who is going to fix it. Only the original builder will know.

Regarding the Ram, the one I listed is the same price. Actally, it would be less if you found it on the lot. I doubt it's nearly as fast, but I would consider it somewhat of a sleeper. Here's a recent test of an R/T. The Express should be quicker, because it's significantly lighter.


Zero to 60 mph: 5.4 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 14.5 sec
Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 5.7 sec
Top gear, 30-50 mph: 2.9 sec
Top gear, 50-70 mph: 3.8 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 14.1 sec @ 99 mph

99 in a 1/4 is cruising pretty good for a 5000+ truck. The manual option also does not appeal to me. Modern automatics are just as quick , or often quicker with the average person behind the wheel.
I think its really cool but along the lines of what kkreit01 said, i would add:

Warranty. Chrysler will sell you a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty.
I'd rather go for the new interior and drop it off at the dealer every time it breaks.

I don't think that ranger is overpriced for what it is, just not what i would buy in that price range.
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