2008 Accord 2.4 Auto Amsoil ATF Analysis

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Oct 8, 2011
Here is a copy of my Blackstone Labs oil analysis from my 2008 Honda Accord 2.4 Auto. The car had the original fill of Honda Z1 at about 34,000 miles. I drained and filled with Amsoil ATF x2 with 1hr of driving in between changes. This sample was sent just after 9000 miles. Metal wear levels are less than Honda but Honda averages are after 18,000 miles, half of the miles in my sample. Amsoil shows more boron, and phosphorus. Amsoil also has less calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Shift quality feels great with the Amsoil and I don't have any complaints. The only thing is that what *if* something were to happen to my tranny that was not caused by fluid type. I am approaching the recommended trans fluid change mileage of 45,000. Part of me wants to stick with the Amsoil as it seems to be working fine. The other half of me wants to drain and fill with Honda DW1, to be guaranteed coverage under warranty just in case. I love Amsoil products and use their 4 stroke and 2 stroke oil in many different applications. What do you guys think?
I'm not sure if I would do anything at this point. If it is working right while driving, and you have an analysis saying it is working right, where is the problem? Yeah, it might void the warranty, but technically speaking you gave the Stealership something to argue about when you did repair's on your vehicle while not being in their elite club of "Certified Mechanics". I really wouldn't worry about it, if something does happen I doubt they will ever send off an UOA to see what fluid you are using. You would be surprised how many "Professional Mechanics" don't even know that there are labs that will test oil for you. Unless there is some weird recall, or massive failure rate of these transmissions that I haven't heard about, I think you are good to go with the Amsoil ATF for as long as Amsoil says their fluids will last. You got to this transmission early in its life when the majority of break in happens. You got those contaminates out. That should prolong the life of the transmission significantly. You also have High Quality ATF in there. I think you are set, I know I wouldn't worry about the warranty. Just keep your paperwork.
Do a flush with the machine that uses the car's pump, not a D&F, it works much better and is less wasteful of fluid. I had Amsoil in my 07 Mazda6 5-speed atx from 30-60k and cold shifting was fantastic compared to OEM. OE manual said flush every 30k and after I went Amsoil I did believe their claims of longer fluid life since I had naught a hiccup for 30k+ miles (until I sold the car) and I was NOT easy on it. Also remember that 1st run on any fluid is going to be worse as the additives to fight corrosion and the ph have to stabilize. If you like it, keep it in!
Using a non oem fluid does not void warranty. Depending on how things go down, it can definitely make it harder to get warranty repair. That being said, I would stay with the Amsoil. It is hard to beat.
So my car just passed 60k miles and I am going to 1x drain and fill again with Amsoil ATF. I am going to send a sample away to be tested. The car had like 32k on it when I bought it so this ATF sample will have about 28k+ miles on it. I then plan on doing 1x drain and fill every 30k miles so 90, 120, 150 etc
I will send in the ATF to be tested tomorrow, but here is a pic of the magnetic drain plug. The wavy lines you see in the particles is because it was really hot and I dropped it on the cardboard. I don't have a pic of the plug from when I originally changed the ATF to Amsoil at 34k miles but this plug looks much cleaner than I remember the first one looking like.
Nice results. Amsoil ATF is one of the best. I may try this or MaxLife ATF in the Mazda 3. I hear very good things about MaxLife AFT as well.
Interesting how the flashpoint of the sample at 9025 miles was 365 and the recent 27036 miles sample was 400 Significantly higher, there must have still been a good amt of z1 in there from the first 2x drain and fills. I think the Z1 flashpoint is something lower like 360.
To preface, this is my 3rd UOA in the car/trans. UOA's have been at 43k, 61k and now 92k. On a side note I did change the "lifetime" inline atf filter that is located on top of the trans near the airbox, just for the heck of it. Really no issues here, flashpoint has jumped significantly again. Tranny is still shifting great. I just wanted to keep good documentation/UOA for anyone else who might be thinking about using Amsoil in their Honda. Trans fluid has been the same each time. Amsoil ATF full synthetic, not the OE line. I wish there was better way to post updates so that thread would get placed in recent topics.
I don't have a honda but thanks for posting. I need to get my taurus factory fill changed and have been debating which atf to use. The amsoil certainly looks good for a mercon LV replacement. Thanks
I am guessing he's using the fuel efficient Amsoil fluid since it has a virgin viscosity of 5.9 cSt and this sample shows 6.2 cSt. (probably just batch variation and or lab variation) The signature series has a viscosity of 7.5 cSt @ 100ºC and there's no way it sheared that much.
Sorry for the long delay guys just checked this thread The ATF I am using is the Gray bottle with Red cap. It is older, I got it on closeout at Oreilly Auto Parts on closeout. The bottle is from when the Oil was SM flavor. At this time amsoil did not have 2 lines of ATF. No fuel efficient and regular, just regular. The regular Full Synthetic ATF is currently in a black bottle with a red cap The fuel efficient is in a black bottle with a blue cap. There may have been a slight change in viscosity from the SM year equivalent ATF and the current SN year equivalent ATF which is currently listed on the site. I'm not sure Im going to try to find some older VOA of the old fluid. This pic shows the new SN flavor 0w20 oil on the left. SM flavor 0w20 in the middle. On the far right in the front is a new bottle of regular ATF. Behind that are the ones I have been using. the Gray with red cap. Honda has back speced the car for the thinner DW1 Amsoil's website also lists both the regular ATF and the fuel efficient ATF as compatible for my honda.
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The first UOA I sent viscosity@100 was 6.39@43k (2x drain and fills of amsoil@33k) 6.04@61k (1x drain and fill of amsoil@61k) 6.20@92k (1x drain and fill of amsoil@92k) not too much change if you think about it maybe blackstone and amsoil have different ways of computing viscosity?
Visc is fine. Normal shearing. Before the thick/thin Amsoil options, they had a 6.5-6.8cst inbetween ATF. Still some zinc from the factory fill, which has 350-400ppm zinc. Looks great. Keep driving.
Considering the amsoil fuel efficient ATF for my next change. Older amsoil formula atf was about a 6.8cst@100c New fuel efficient atf is 5.9cst Current regular atf is 7.5cst Honda z1 was 7.0cst Honda dw1 is 6.8cst Hmm now I'm thinking 1 quart regular with the rest fuel efficient... For a lower 6.X cst@100 visc
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