2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - trailer hitch recommendations?

Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
Hello all - I plan to add a trailer hitch to our new-to-us 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.

Primary usage will be for our Thule bike rack, but we also have a plug-in package shelf. Both are designed for use with a 1-1/4" receiver.

I think I'd prefer to get a Class III hitch anyway, in case we do get any accessories later with the 2" interface. (I installed a Class III hitch on our Kia Sedona, and used a 2" to 1-1/4" adapter for the bike rack, which worked fine.)

Another reason for the hitch is that it provides a good place to hook onto in case you have to get pulled out of a ditch. About 10 years ago, I knew a guy who put his new DGC into a ditch one winter. A farmer came by with a tractor, tied onto the rear suspension, and pulled the van out. It didn't track right after that, and the owner took it back to the dealer. It wound up needing lots of repairs to the rear suspension - something close to $2K as I recall. Had there been a hitch to tie onto, this could have been avoided.

So, Class III hitch ... which one?


RA lists both Curt and Draw-Tite.

What's people's experience? Is one better than the other? Where are they made? I prefer onshore if possible.

I have full Stow 'n' Go, so the Curt 13362 won't work. The Curt 13389 would be fine.

There are two models of Draw-Tite, the 75119 and the 75305. Both are rated for 3500#, but the rating is higher for one than the other, when both are used with weight-distribution. I doubt this would ever be an issue for us. The van is limited to something like 3800#, even with a tow package, which we don't have.

Any advantage as to round-tube vs. square-tube?

I'll have to check RA's shipping costs too - shipping might be prohibitive on something heavy like this.

Thanks for your thoughts!
I used a round tube class 3 on a 2001, and added the chrysler harness. It was an excellent way to go, super sturdy, pulled 3.5k pounds no issue. Don’t recall the brand.
For what you are doing, it really does not matter, i sort of think square tube looks better on a truck and round tube on cars, smaller suv. But functionally for you, i don't see that it matters.
Can you put a class III on a Caravan? No experience with Draw-Tite but I really like the Curt. Technically, round tube is stronger but in this case I don't think it matters.
I would recommend a hidden hitch if possible. E-trailer has a wealth of useful info for picking a hitch. They show pictures of the hitches installed on the vehicle. When my family had our old 2003 Chrysler minivan the hidden hitch was a lifesaver because it would have frequently bottomed out with a normal hitch.
Whatever is cheapest. Bolts on, may have to shift the exhaust a skosh to fit it. The harness routed from the drivers tail light through to the rear quarter and out the floor is a good pull route that is hidden. Use something around the harness where it makes the exit to the hitch from the floor filler panel as it is sharp and turning around that angle.
Check out the pics on etrailer of the Curt and Draw Tite hitches installed - that at least gives you some idea what the finished product looks like. Etrailer has generally been a good retailer (though may not be an option for the OP)